KARI BARBA- Continue to learn

KARI BARBA- Continue to learn

April 26, 2021

When Kari talks about tattooing, a rare quality strikes you right away. The fresh sparkle in her eyes tells you, better than a thousand words, that her 42 years in the business haven’t diminished her passion. If anything they distilled it into a deep, humble appreciation for what this represents. Personal growth, meaningful friendships, craftsmanship and dedication. 

Her personal trajectory crossed with some of the most significant tattooers in history -Ed Hardy, Jack Rudy, Paul Rogers, Horiyoshi II to mention some- and just listening to her recollections is a reward on its own. 

I hope that her words will make you feel inspired and humbled as I do. 



Stef Bastiàn


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C.W. ELDRIDGE- The importance of history

C.W. ELDRIDGE- The importance of history

March 11, 2021

C.W. developed a passion for tattooing very early on. His service in the Navy in the 60’s brought him across the world, collecting tattoos in exotic parlors like Pinky Yun’s in Hong Kong.
After getting tattooed by Ed Hardy he got offered the opportunity of learning tattooing and from there he crossed paths with pillars of modern tattooing. Paul Jeffries, Good times Charlie, Jack Rudy, Jerry Swallow to name some. 

Since 1980 he has been promoting the history of tattooing through research and education, founding The Tattoo Archive and, together with Alan Govenar, D.E. Hardy and Henk Schiffmacher, the non profit “Paul Rogers Tattoo Research Center”. 

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ALEX BINNIE- Nothing is perfect

ALEX BINNIE- Nothing is perfect

January 31, 2021

Alex Binnie needs no introduction. Founder of the legendary Into You in London and unanimously considered one of the most influential artists for more than one generation of tattooers, Alex shares his invaluable take on art, the creative process and the unique relationship between artist and client. 


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DEB YARIAN- The strength of a woman

DEB YARIAN- The strength of a woman

December 20, 2020

40 years tattooing and going strong.

That’s the word that I think can describe Deb best, Strong.

She’s well known in the community for her kindness, authenticity and genuine love for tattooing. That type of old school lifelong love, matured in times when you often had to swallow your pride to belong to this world, especially as a woman. Beside that, Deb’s path hasn’t been an easy one. The obstacles she faced would have been enough to sink the toughest of us but not her.


In this interview she stoically shines a light into the darkness of her abuse and sets an example for that type of courage that sometimes, only a woman can have. The courage to keep your heart open despite all.


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Thanks for listening 😊

TONY COHEN- Tattooing since 1967

TONY COHEN- Tattooing since 1967

November 16, 2020

Tony has been tattooing for over 50 years, longer than many of us have been alive. Just for that he deserves huge respect.  

A tattoo godfather in Australia, he’s well known in the community worldwide, crossing paths over his long career with institutions of this craft such as Lyle Tuttle, Cliff Raven, George Bone, Lal Hardy, Doc Price, Terry Wrigley and the list goes on and on. 

Listening to him recollecting the magic of other times with a passion that hasn’t changed a bit in over half century is an absolute gift. 

I hope you’ll enjoy this short but precious talk as I did, in the words of old timers we find tattooing in its purest form.


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JASON TYLER GRACE- The answer is within

JASON TYLER GRACE- The answer is within

October 19, 2020

I have a lot in common with Jason, most of all a restless spirit that brought us both to travel the world for years in search of that ”something” we couldn’t name. 

Years down the line Jason is a more mature man and artist with a newly found sense of purpose. With this interview I wanted to get you to see what I see in him, that special sensitivity that sets him apart, a sensitivity that finds expression in his art and his words.

I feel lucky for having him opening up for us and sharing some personal struggles and insights that go way beyond tattooing. Insights that perhaps can help us reflect on how we can live a healthier emotional life and love ourselves a little more. 

SPOILER: A few very good book recommendations in the end by the avid reader such as Jason is 👌🏼

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MEHAI BAKATY- It’s all about the people

MEHAI BAKATY- It’s all about the people

September 28, 2020

In New York the name Bakaty and Tattooing are two sides of the same coin and the city knows it well. 

A second generation tattooer, Mehai watched his father Mike, respected and loved legend in the Lower East Side, practicing the craft since he was four years old. At the age of 11 he was making needles for the family business that operated underground throughout the long ban that made tattooing illegal in NY for over 30 years. 
Surrounded by the most iconic figures in the history of the Bowery, Mehai absorbed and still embodies that true spirit of craftsmanship, connection and respect of traditional values that are getting more and more rare to find. 

His shop FINELINE as today is the longest running studio in the city and that alone speaks volumes. 

It was an absolute honor to share an afternoon with a truly dedicated and grounded gentleman, representing the best side of tattooing. 

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CHAD KOEPLINGER- The difference between a traveler and a tourist

CHAD KOEPLINGER- The difference between a traveler and a tourist

August 19, 2020

When you lose yourself into different cultures of distant countries you re-emerge with a newly found appreciation for the people you met and for all the beautiful nuances that characterize them. A deeper sense of wonder and acceptance. This is the difference between a traveler and a tourist. As a consequence your daily reality takes on a different light, without the need for moving away from it.
With 77 countries visited(tattooed in 34 of them and in all 50 states) Chad is one of the most traveled tattooers I know, to whom I relate deeply with my 10 years spent on the road. 
His experience and relevance in the world of American traditional is well known, shaped by the connection with some of the most significant artists worldwide. 

In this honest chat I got to peek into what makes him who he is and how his creative process defines his aesthetics. An insightful approach towards flow and authenticity of expression which I hope you’ll find as inspiring and entertaining as I did. 

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July 5, 2020

Two creative souls that found each other, this is the beautiful story of Virginia and Stephanie. 

They both gained their reputation through years of hard work and dedication at the highest levels of this profession, shoulder to shoulder with the best. 
What sets them apart tho is their unique sensitivity, perhaps matured overcoming all the obstacles that life put on their way, and their caring. Caring for their industry; caring for issues that might trouble others, being social, cultural or personal; caring for the person in front of them. Beautiful qualities that can only be amplified by their relationship.

Their kind, spirited and grateful approach to life is what touched me during this enriching afternoon’s talk. I hope you appreciate as I did those two beautiful souls opening up for us. 

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ROBERT RYAN- Spirituality, traditional foundations and contract killers

ROBERT RYAN- Spirituality, traditional foundations and contract killers

June 18, 2020

Some people keep traditions alive, some people push boundaries, others implement their own vision in within a well understood and processed style.
Robert is one of the latter.
He absorbed the foundations of American Traditional over a long career, crossing paths with some icons such as Dan Higgs and Scott Harrison, translating that beautiful codified language of symbols into a mirror facing inward.

His own spiritual practice reflects in his illustrations with the raw power typical of Outsider art and Expressionism, a way to represent reality that goes beyond reality itself. 

With many interests and viewpoints in common, the chat with Robert couldn’t have been but awesome. In this episode we touched many topics, from the basics of traditional tattoooing to the implications of spirituality in Robert’s work and life lessons from a seasoned contract killer. 

I hope you enjoy :)

Stef Bastiàn


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